1625 D/B is the result of three of NYC’s leading renovation industry professionals getting together and wondering, “How can every facet of this process be improved?" 

At 1625 D/B, we haven’t “reinvented the wheel”, but we have refined it. 

After successfully executing thousands of NYC construction projects, we took a step back. We looked at what worked well. We looked at what needed simplification, streamlining, adjustment or elimination, and we recalibrated. 


We believe that construction is a conversation.


The unique dialogue of any given project will involve communication between clients and architects, designers and project managers, between tradespeople and materials. 

Our approach is rooted in a desire to build beautiful spaces and lifelong friendships with our clients and colleagues.

To accomplish this, we employ principals of full-transparency, unparalleled craftsmanship, meticulous project management, a profound depth of experientially acquired problem solving ability in every stage of the project, from building approval and permitting processes to granular construction challenges.

Simply put, 1625 D/B has the know-how and field-tested strategies to confront all obstacles related to NYC construction, whether inherent or unforeseeable.